The American College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, Missouri, has been classified, in official media reports, as “controversial.” It has gained such a “patch” because it resists LGBT propaganda and gender, which is constantly being removed from university walls.

In April, college officials sued the Federal Administration of President Joe Biden for imposing “anti-discrimination” laws allowing men (who consider themselves women) to enter female toilets and allow them to live in girls’ dormitories. The first session was held on Wednesday, while the lawyer representing the university referred to the case.

“The government cannot and should not compel schools to open girls’ dormitories to men on the basis of a politically motivated and inadequate redefinition of the term” gender, “said Julie Marie Blake of the Freedom Defense Coalition.

Joe Biden and the Anti-Discrimination Policy

The policy imposed by the state government follows the Biden Decree of January 20, which the President himself said: “It is my administration’s policy to prevent and combat discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation.” The university notes that these regulations violate the integrity of its religious view of the world.

“The government’s violations of the Biden administration perpetuate the harm inflicted on women, girls and the religious by denying them legal protection, and this must be stopped,” Blake asserts.

LGBT Lobby Wants to Lift ‘Religious Exception’

There is now an exception for religious belief in the “anti-discrimination” laws (Chapter IX). Some time ago, the unofficial LGBT group filed a lawsuit against the Federal Administration (Hunter versus the Department of Education) demanding that the exception be revoked. The group says its intention is to “support LGBT students in more than 200 taxpayer-funded religious schools that actively discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity / expression.”

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The Council of Christian Colleges and Universities (on behalf of 180 institutions) launched a counterattack, and applied to the court to have their representative included in the session. At the same time, the organization requested that the case be halted due to insufficient legal foundations.

An assault on freedom of belief and belief

LGBTQ lobbyists are also calling for the withdrawal of federal funding for universities that do not comply with “anti-discrimination” policies. “This would limit student choice in unprecedented ways … Withdrawing financial aid, including the Peel Scholarships and Federal Research Grants, would have a disproportionate effect on low-income and first-generation students, as well as students from racial and ethnic minorities.” On the board of directors Shirley F. Hoogstra.

– Faith in a way [odbiegający od ideologii LGBT] It is not discrimination. In America, individuals are given the right to hold beliefs that others believe are wrong, but are in fact protected by the Constitution. Hughstra asserts that different opinions can and should live side by side, because that is the great American promise.

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