“We are serious about the rhetoric of members of Congress, but I have no plans to discuss this at the momentKirby said at a press conference.

He also added, he did not rule out such assistance, but it should be agreed with the Polish authorities. “If the Polish government wants to get additional support for humanitarian purposes, we will definitely take it seriouslyHappy Kirby.

He emphasized that soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Division are still stationed in Poland on the border with Ukraine, but so far their assistance for refugee-related purposes has not been much needed.

His comment on the letter released Friday was by members of Congress from both parties, who pleaded, among other things, to send special ambulances to Ukraine and field hospitals to Poland at the border with Ukraine to treat Ukrainian refugees and soldiers. Members of Congress have said the Polish health system is overwhelmed with refugees in need of care. The letter was signed, inter alia, by Democrat Jason Crowe, who recently visited Poland as part of a congressional delegation.

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