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This was announced by NASA Administrator Bill Nelson The United States wants to extend the operation of the International Space Station until 2030. The presidential administration will urge its partners – the European, Canadian, Japanese and Russian space agencies – to allow the International Space Station to operate throughout this decade.

The International Space Station is a model of peaceful international cooperation. For more than 20 years, it has brought remarkable scientific, educational and technological benefits to mankind. I am pleased that the Biden and Harris administrations have decided to continue their work into 2030Nelson said.

People have been present on the International Space Station for more than two decades without interruption. Unique scientific research is conducted there. To date, more than 3,000 experiments have been conducted there, commissioned by more than 4,200 from all over the world. To date, nearly 110 countries have participated in the activities carried out at the station in one way or another.

The first MSK units entered orbit in 1998, and the first permanent crew settled there in 2020.

US International Space Station

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