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New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago – these are the most popular destinations among Poles traveling to the United States.

  • After the announcement in September of this year to reopen travel to tourists, searches for flights from Poland to the United States recorded an increase of more than 63%. – reports
  • Poles often fly to New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago
  • Airports in Warsaw and Krakow offer the most convenient and fastest air connections (maximum one transfer) to the United States
  • The most popular connected cities are: Madrid, Amsterdam and Frankfurt

The United States is opening up to tourists. According to the White House, starting in November, foreigners will be able to travel to the United States again under three conditions: full vaccination, a negative coronavirus test, and information on their whereabouts.

According to data from the tech company from the travel sector, after the announcement in September of this year to reopen the search for flights from Poland to the USA, the search for flights from Poland to the USA increased by more than 63%. In addition, has examined how Poles travel to the USA, and prepared some valuable tips on how to buy a cheap ticket and where to travel the fastest and most convenient.

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– The United States, he announced, is reopening its doors to tourists, including business tourists. The United States is definitely one of the most sought-after destinations, which is universally popular and timeless. After the United States announced information about the reopening of travel doors for foreigners, searches for flights to the United States from Poland increased by more than 63%. The destinations most searched for by Poles are New York, Miami and Los Angeles as well as San Francisco and Honolulu. The first three most searched cities are the same to which Poles travel most often. Our data shows that the fastest and most convenient way, with a maximum of one change, will be from the airports in Warsaw and Krakow. – to speakand Eliška ezníček DočkalováDirector of Customer Experience Management at

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How do we travel to the United States?

When Poles decide to travel to the United States, they often choose New York, Miami or Los Angeles. Chicago and Orlando also exited the podium.