Gunter Steiner, president of the only US team on the grid, has dismissed concerns that some US Grand Prix races are going in the wrong direction for Formula 1.

This weekend, the Miami Grand Prix will make its Formula 1 debut this weekend at the circuit located around Hard Rock Stadium, and the sport will return to the United States in October to compete at another interesting venue, this time located in Texas.

In the racing campaign next year, Las Vegas will also join the Formula 1 calendar, which means that in 2023 there will be as many as three races in the USA. According to Steiner, the number of races in the United States is not an exaggeration, especially given the size and population of the country we are talking about.

“Lots of people come to Austin, but from what I can see I never forget the size of the United States.” Gunter Steiner said.

“I come from here, I’ve lived here for a long time, so I can see the difference. Here it’s like a grand prix in England or Spain – you can be successful in both places. It’s the same here.”

“We’re currently on the East Coast and the second race is in Texas. Texas itself is a huge state, so I don’t think it’s a conflict. It’s a big country that can take the grand prix because it has a population of over 300 million.”

“Here it’s like Europe, and in Europe we don’t say, for example: ‘Ah, since we have the British Grand Prix, we shouldn’t have another one in Portugal. “

“That’s what we as Europeans have to get used to – if I speak as a European – because it’s such a big country that it can easily host many races.”

Formula 1 is still looking to expand its global presence with the African continent as the sport’s number one target.

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Guenther Steiner supported the plans of the series’ owners: “I think it would be nice to go back to Africa.”

“Overall, Africa is a continent with a large population and I think going there would be a nice gesture.”