The United States is considering imposing a number of sanctions on Warsaw for its adoption of an amendment to the Media Law. Poland will not receive an invitation to President Joe Biden’s World Democracy Summit. The Americans also allow to impose a blockade on the sale of Abrams tanks. The nuclear option would be to impose personal sanctions on Polish politicians, including the president, prime minister and head of the PiS.

Our informal conversations show that the United States is disappointed and angered by the actions of the so-called lex TVN regulations. Washington views the bill not only as an impact on its own investments, but also on the core of democratic values.

Among the American authorities there are many politicians who are directly and personally interested in the situation in Poland. Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken was involved in Poland’s accession process to NATO, but he also spoke about his Polish roots and his stepfather’s experiences during the Holocaust. Americans look at the actions of the government in Warsaw not only at the political level, but also at the personal level. They are disappointed with the direction Poland is taking.

The disappointment has only been exacerbated in recent weeks, and not just by the passage of legislation that would hit Discovery. As the Americans protested Against the amendment of the Administrative Procedure ActAnd related to re-privatization. Lawmakers also adopted the law on Wednesday. Israel also protested the solutions. In this case, US politicians feel the need to apply far-reaching sanctions against Poland.

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In the first place, you should basically feel them Warsaw in the Avatar class. Poland She will not be invited to the Democracy Summit in December Organized by President Biden. The meeting will be online and will focus on the challenges and opportunities facing democratic countries.

Preparations for the summit are already underway. Experts discuss how to prevent authoritarianism, fight corruption, and respect human rights. It is hard to imagine that Poland, which according to the Americans no longer meets some democratic criteria, will be a party to the discussion.

The second punishment that Washington is considering is to prevent the sale of Abrams tanks. Poland wanted to buy 250 such cars for a total amount of 23 billion PLN. It was to be the largest purchase in the history of the Polish army, which was loudly announced by Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski and Minister Mariusz Paschak. The US side did not officially confirm the negotiations on this issue. Now they should be completely frozen.

Washington is also considering an atomic optionIf the listed procedures do not bring the desired results. It’s already about Personal sanctions against the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and the head of the ruling party. According to unofficial information, the Americans are considering a ban on these politicians from entering the United States, which, of course, means, among other things, that Andrei Duda will not visit the White House until the end of his term. .