The United States announced another issue on Thursday Sanctions against Moscow. This is the most severe reaction from the United States since 2018. American companies are banned from purchasing government bonds from Russia’s central bank. 32 people and organizations have been banned from traveling to the United States. Washington has also expelled ten diplomats working for the local embassy from the country, according to reports.

US-Russian Relations. Kremlin spokesman over the differences

President Joe Biden At the same time I suggest holding a meeting in Neutral terrain And prepare to calm relations between the United States and Russia. Speak in the same context Russian President Vladimir PutinWho mentioned the normalization of relations and preparation for dialogue. The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, admitted that the two countries’ positions are similar on this issue, but there are differences in the way in which the presidents of the two countries want to build beneficial relations, taking into account common interests.

A Kremlin spokesman said Moscow did not accept the “inclination to impose sanctions” by the United States. Referring to the recent sanctions imposed by the United States, Peskov revealed that “Russia will always adhere to the principle of reciprocity in such situations.” He added, however, that “the final decision will be taken personally by the President of Russia.”

Moscow retaliates from US sanctions?

Peskov also did not refer to Biden’s call to “not over-decide on retaliatory measures.” The Kremlin spokesman expressed the hope that there would be no return to the “Lenin formula” in relations between Russia and the United States: one step forward and two steps back.

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