The Russians suffered heavy losses while trying to cross the Donets River in the Luhansk region. After the attack, the Ukrainians lost nearly 50 military vehicles, and 1,000 people were also killed. Ironically, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry tweeted about the opening of the festive season for racists. “Some bathed in the Donets River, others burned in the May sun” – reads the entry.

The Ukrainian side launched a massive attack as soon as it discovered that the Russian forces were trying to cross the Donets River with a pontoon bridge.

Pictures released by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry show damaged military vehicles and a pontoon bridge.

The Times writes that While trying to cross Donets, the Russians lost nearly 50 military vehicles, including their T90M giant tanks, armored vehicles, pontoon carriers, and boats. Up to 1,000 soldiers were killed in the attack.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said on Twitter: “People of the Ukrainian army have started the holiday season for Russian troops. Some people bathed in the river, others burned in the May sun.”

According to the Ukrainians, the Russians were moving towards the city of Lyman, with a population of 20,000.

CCN reports that the Russians have recently attempted to cross Donets several times. The Ukrainians prevented them from destroying three crossings in total.

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The Times wrote that this could explain the slowdown in Russian operations in the Donbass.

“The withdrawal of Russian forces from the Kharkiv region is a tacit acknowledgment of Russia’s inability to control major Ukrainian cities, as the invaders expected little resistance from the local population,” Britain’s MoD said in an intelligence update on Thursday.