Donna MacDonald, head of the dental clinic in Fair Oaks, near Sacramento, USA, was terrified when suddenly a huge turkey fell through the double-glazed windows and started wreaking havoc on the building.

“I first thought it was an earthquake,” she told The Sacramento Bee.

The woman was the only person in the building at the time. I heard a disturbing noise, and I went to investigate. Then I found a huge turkey scratching the walls with its paws and wreaking havoc.

“He has scratched many walls with his claws – everything will have to be repainted. In addition, the glass from the glass he shattered is stuck in the dentist’s chair. The facility needs a thorough renovation and cleaning,” MacDonald told the newspaper.

The woman did not try to get rid of the bird herself, but she called for appropriate services. “The wildlife expert struggled with it a little,” she admits.

What could be the cause of these unusual visits? Greg Grimm of Wildlife Saving said the bird may have seen its reflection in the pillar. So he attacked her, thinking that he had a rival. Unfortunately, he was faced with a rather unpleasant surprise.

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