The report is based on information on visits by infected people to hospitals and emergency services between August last year. And on January 5 this year. During the wave of infection associated with the delta variant, the effectiveness in preventing hospitalization was 94%, and in the period of omicron-dominance – 90%.

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taking need People who took two doses VaccinesThe data shows 81 percent. Efficacy against Omicron in up to 6 Mississippi of the second dose and 57 per cent. After 6 months.

Another report indicates that the risk of hospitalization for unvaccinated older adults is 49 times higher than for those who received three doses.

High potency booster dose

According to CDC study author Mark Thompson, and epidemiologist Mark Thompson, the data shows that vaccine protection worsens over time, but the booster dose is very effective.

“The good news is that for people who have received the third dose, the efficacy is very high and protects against fairly severe disease. And this is one of the first data to show a real level of protection in the United States,” he told Thomson. The Washington Post. The journal notes, however, that vaccination is not a guarantee against infection with an omicron variant.

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 39 percent have received an extra dose so far. Among fully vaccinated people. The wave of omicron infections has led to record numbers of infections – more than 700,000. per day – and to fill hospitals in many areas. United States of America. At the same time, in some cities, such as Washington and New York, the numbers have begun to decline in recent days, as has the occupancy rate of hospitals.

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