How did the author of the profile on the TikTok portal with the expressive name “I am Tesla” surprise the vast majority of Britons? He went to a gas station with a hand can. On the way, he remembered that he did not have to, because he was driving a Tesla. Primitive but really painful.

The author of the video wants to remain anonymous, but called him once Wales Online Portal, told reporters that the idea for the video appeared spontaneously as he passed the line at a Shell gas station. The cruel joke was met with revenge by motorists of classic cars, who stated that there are places in the world where there are lines of public chargers similar to gas stations in Great Britain.

Specter is not only James Bond, but also… the new electric Rolls-Royce

Others commented on the problems of deteriorating batteries: “The tank in the car does not shrink after a few years by 20 percent.” Others wrote about power outages and overloads on the power grid. The rest of the comments are not quotable.

The problem is that so far there is a shortage of fuel and not electricity, which opponents of electricity fear. Or maybe not exactly the fuel, but the drivers who will deliver it. The panic of the British crowd also did its job.

We remember similar behavior in Poland at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Then, for some reason, toilet paper disappeared from stores. Everyone bought it in advance because they heard it might not be available.

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Electricity sales have jumped since the start of the fuel crisis in Great Britain

The same now applies to fuels in Great Britain. Regardless of the reason, the effect on owners of cars with internal combustion engines is the same: if they cannot refuel, they will not be able to drive. The current crisis in the UK shows that energy problems are not limited to electric car owners. In the future, queues at gas stations may become more frequent.

Then the alternative may be electric or electric hybrid cars. These cars in particular are quite versatile when it comes to power source, as long as they offer a decent electric range.

Among the many advantages of electrified cars is that you do not have to drive them to any station. The energy needed to drive can be replenished in most homes. The video on TikToku is not very complicated, but it does draw attention to this important fact.

In any case, the English think similarly. Diary I mentioned “TheGuardian”Interest in electric cars in the UK has increased sharply since the start of the crisis. Apparently, the current scene at petrol stations has sparked the imagination of UK drivers.

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In addition, the state promises that, along with changing the car fleet, the British electricity grid will be expanded. Believe these statements or not, according to a national grid simulation conducted up to 2030, Great Britain is ready for the demand for electricity associated with increased sales of the cars it operates.

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