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The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan

Journalists on Twitter reported that the Taliban used force against people who tried to storm the Kabul airport. Many of these people must be evacuated due to cooperation with the International Security Assistance Force. There is even information that the Taliban are brutally dispersing Afghans at the behest of the Americans. However, this is unconfirmed information.

Among the wounded are women and children

Despite assurances from the Taliban that anyone who wants to leave will be able to do so “safely”, Afghans in Kabul say they are being abused. Foreign media, incl. British reported that the Taliban also attacked women and children. They used sticks, rubber hoses, and guns.

The Guardian reports that a former Afghan translator army An Australian man was shot in the leg when he tried to pass through a Taliban checkpoint outside Kabul airport. The man wanted to board the Australian evacuation mission from Afghanistan.

The Taliban fired at hair straighteners

Residents of the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad protested, on Wednesday, the possibility of changing the colors of the national flag. At one point, shots were fired and the crowd began to flee. According to the independent Afghan Pajhwok News Agency, the participants appearance He was shot by the Taliban who were also wounded Bobby Many journalists.

Al-Jazeera reported that “two people were killed and 10 wounded after the Taliban opened fire on demonstrations in the city of Jalalabad.”