The Afghan News Agency Pajhwok said the Taliban had appointed their first ministers. The three new officials in the Taliban regime are the Minister of Finance, the Interior and the Chief of Intelligence.

He will take care of the finances Gul Agha, internal affairs Sadr IbrahimAnd he became the chief of intelligence Najibullah (full name not disclosed – editor’s note).

The information received from the Afghan agency also shows that The governor of Kabul Province, Mullah Shirin, has been appointed, and Hamdullah Nomani will become the mayor of the capital itself.

August 15, Taliban Take power over Afghanistanwin in Kabul. Since then, diplomatic personnel of foreign representations and citizens from all over the world have been evacuated from Kabul Airport.

Many Afghans, who fear living in a country ruled by Islamic fundamentalists, are also trying to flee the country. Thousands of people who want to leave the country are flocking to and around the airport.

US forces, which are scheduled to leave Afghanistan by the end of August, are responsible for flight control and security at the airport.

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