The campaign, which began in the second half of December last year, was announced by the head of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, Mikhail Durczyk. Various types of advertisements are launched in both television and electronic media. This is how we will be Encouragement and notification of vaccinations – Dworczyk announced then, emphasizing in later statements that “the national vaccination program has only two colors – white and red.” – Right from the start, we unanimously plead to get him out of the scope of current politics – Dworczyk confirmed in an entry posted on his Twitter on May 2

Civic Network Monitor Polska In the meantime, I decided to look at the media that participated in the campaign to promote vaccination and get information from the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, which was paid and in what amount, which promoted the campaign for free.

In December 2020 and January 2021, the government purchased airtime and advertising space from the following broadcasters/publishers:

  • RMF group for 3 million PLN,
  • Polsat Media Biuro Reklamy for more than 2.5 million PLN,
  • Polish television for more than 1.7 million zlotys,
  • Polish Radio SA for 1.5 million PLN,
  • Time SA (Grupa ZPR Media, i.e. “Super Express”, “Murator” and Eska Radio) for 1.3 million PLN,
  • Lux Veritatis Foundation (Telewizja Trwam and Radio Maryja) for 400 thousand. PLN,
  • Fratria (, Sieci, or for 400,000 PLN,
  • Republic TV 200,000 PLN,
  • Wirtualna Polska for 200,000 PLN,
  • Polish independent publishing house SA (publisher of “Gazeta Polska”, “New State”) for 200 thousand. PLN,
  • Institute of New Media (Portal publisher Everything More Important) for PLN 100,000 PLN.
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In February and March 2021, selected media outlets were again paid to promote vaccination campaigns. The amounts in this slide are as follows:

  • Polish television got 708 thousand. PLN,
  • Polsat Media Biuro Reklamy 200000 PLN,
  • Time SA 127 You. PLN,
  • Polish radio 100000 PLN,
  • 100,000 euros PLN,
  • Luxe Veritatis Foundation 100,000 PLN,
  • SA 38000 966 PLN Forum,
  • SPES SA (religious publishing house) more than 28 thousand. PLN,
  • Gremi Media (publisher of “Rzeczpospolita”) more than 27 thousand. PLN,
  • Gość Media Institute (publisher of “Gościa Niedzielny) over 14,000 PLN
  • “Tygodnik Niedziela” is a little more than 11 thousand. PLN.

The Prime Minister’s Chancellery’s response also revealed that the Prime Minister’s Chancellery had not signed any agreements with the implementing agencies for the #SzczepimySi for free campaign. Big players like Agora, Ringier Axel Springer Media or Discovery Group are missing.