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The United Kingdom a few weeks ago suffered from fuel shortages due to an insufficient number of drivers handling deliveries. The problem has also appeared in stores where products are missing. Therefore, to prevent customers from seeing the empty shelves, stores are putting up murals depicting full shelves.

Netizens have noticed pictures hanging of grapes, asparagus or oranges in Tesco and Boots stores, among other things. There are also wall murals for cleaning products. The Daily Mail reports that as a result of the pandemic and Brexit, not only suppliers but also fruit pickers and food processing workers are missing.

Food and Drink Association president Ian Wright said in an interview with the Daily Mail that the situation will not improve in the near future.

Supply chain problems have also been reported in the United States. Some companies have stopped production of their products as a result of the epidemic. There, too, murals covered empty shelves.

Internet users also noted a different way to hide the shortage on the shelves. The same merchandise is spread across the stores to make the impression of full occupancy. In one store, only chairs appeared on the shelves.

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