Ding dong, pats are dead! Died Batts Died. Ding dong, the evil bat Diad!

Okay, so maybe the official ending of the gorgeous New England Patriot dynasty wasn’t so exciting, but for a while on Sunday, anyone watching football for the past 19 years has had to wonder if there’s a little piece of Blichikia’s magic left. The Patriots marched into the locker room in a 6-0 half lead over the Miami Dolphin thanks to a combination of sinister play by the hosts and sheer luck. Touching Cam Newton, Xavien Howard took it back and went 86 yards and the score was reversed as it touched the Dolphins’ defender. A 52-yard field goal was missed by Jason Saunders of the dolphins. Will Bates somehow succeed in this elimination game when Newton directs himself to 2015 and all the throwbacks go down Bill Bilesik’s path? not exactly.

Things are back on their newly discovered tracks after the first half. The dolphins bombed the unfortunate Bates’ defense line of 250 yards in acceleration, led by Salvon Ahmed and Matt Breda. Miami was flawless across the board in the second half while New England’s offensive woes continued. Newton threw over 200 yards but the attack failed to cross the goal line for the second game in a row.

In the end, the dolphins He scored a relatively easy win, 22-12 This not only knocked the Patriots out of post-season for the first time since 2008 but it also secured their first losing season in two decades.

On the other hand, the 9-5 Dolphins cemented their winning campaign and control of their fate for a tipping point with the remaining matches against the Raiders and Bills (who might be resting at first). What Miami has done this season is simply amazing. Most teams in the second year of the overhaul are not looking beyond the season. They are simply testing their pieces and waiting out of season to load more with our free draft and agency. Thanks to getting Houston picked up in the first round versus Larmy Tonsil and Kenny Stiles, the dolphins are preparing to pick the top 10, perhaps the top five, despite their success in 2020. But they may take a playoff tour before then, thanks to General Manager Chris Greer who pulled him out of the park With the addition of players such as Emmanuel Ojba, Byron Jones and Austin Jackson, in addition to the disciplined and intelligent training by Brian Flores. Flores’ boldest move this year paid off when it was He switched from Ryan Fitzpatrick to Toa Taguville In October when the team was 3-3. The Dolphins have gone 6-2 since then and are one of the most interesting NFL teams.

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The same is true for the newly minted East Asian champion Buffalo Bills, who is run by a legitimate candidate for best player Josh Allen, who is a fierce defense and a rabid fanbase despite Covid It will go to all lengths To show their support.

The magnificent 20-year-old breed of Patriots may not be replicated and will forever be admired or despised depending on your point of view. But his official finale was a relief to the rest of the league and definitely East Asia. Imagine you were 27 years old and became a Bills or Dolphins fan as your teenager. These poor people had to start each season from their entire fan base knowing that their team would play the second violin against the Bates. (The Jets saga is its horrific situation.)

Let’s be honest, even if you are rare NFL Fan without opinion in the Brady-Bilesik era, their success became stifling They won AFC East in an amazing mind 16 From the last 17 years. The only time they didn’t win was in 2008 when Tom Brady tore up the AFC Champions League at the season opener. Record them that year? 11-5. Incredibly, they have represented the AFC in the Super Bowls half of the past decade.

Their dominance was historical but also, I dare say, a little boring for a six-time Super Bowl champ. Brady’s rise from picking the sixth round to an absolutely great game is a great story, but how many times did we need to see Brady’s iconic shot in the 2000 NFL or Hear about his avocado ice cream? Then there’s Belichick. Mumbling and unanswered became their own sport for a while. But then it became annoying to have to investigate a coach who was not intentionally intending to pass on any information or gravity.

Thanks for your service to football, Patriots. Now is the time to delve into Sean McDermott and Flores and see what happens when the planes land on Trevor Lawrence, because the AFC is no longer yours.

Statistics of the week

1-13. Planes. New York Jets. Adam trained jets hit Ram Gas and won an actual NFL game. The Jets took their 32nd-ranked attack to Los Angeles and defeated the 1-ranked Ramez defense, 23-20. Simply amazing result. The Jets defense stole the show, frustrating Jared Gough and Robert Woods as Sam Darnold made his case to be the franchise midfielder going forward. Turns out it might be hypothetical, because a Jets win means 1–13 Jags have moved to the top, giving them the inside track on Clemson star Trevor Lawrence. If they finished with the same record, the Jags would win the tiebreak based on the strength of the schedule.

Sam Darnold
Sam Darnold and the New York Jets are no longer without a win. Photo: Ashley Landis / Associated Press

Best Player of the Week

A familiar name now in this category, Josh Allen starred again on Saturday at DWI 48-19 from Denver on the road. Allen displayed an impeccable mix of witty throws and unstoppable, intelligent decision-making. Finally, Allen passed 359 yards and formed four landings, two of which were on the ground. Most importantly, he grabbed AFC East bills.

Allen is now the second player to shoot 30 drops and run eight or more in one season. The first was Cam Newton in 2015. Newton won the MVP of that season and although there is a respectable company for the Player of the Year award, Allen makes Extremely A strong argument to be the conversation.

Week quote

How Do You Trade DeAndre Hopkins? – Fox News Student Commentary, Eagles Cardinals

seriously. Every week Hopkins makes Texas fans want to cry. It received 169 yards this week, and the result was the Cardinals’ victory over Philadelphia with their share of The beautiful catch Only Hopkins could make it. This is not Jerry Rice in the dusk years. This is a low-profile receiver that single-handedly can change a team’s course as it does in Arizona. Kyler Murray is a great talent, but the addition of Hopkins has redirected his position among the midfielders. Meanwhile, the talented Deshaun Watson in the ube has to move away from his Houston home with almost no weapons.

Video of the week

There are appearances from the elite. Then there’s Derek Henry, a superhero disguised as a human. Henry set another clinic in a 46–25 win over the Detroit Lions, putting together his set of seemingly pre-designed offenses: 147 yards and landings in his fifth 100-yard effort in six matches. But it was a solid arm of Lions CB Alex Myres’s second quarter as if it was a fly that was particularly jaw-dropping. As an elaborate military force, this was only Henry’s latest victim … but it was perhaps his most soul-crushing yet.

Elsewhere around the league

• The Falcons were leading 17-0 in the half and are never comfortable against any team, especially against Tom Brady Buccaneers. Lo and behold, the falcons choked the usual way in what was really a tale of two halves. Matt Ryan cut the ball in second division in the first half as Tampa struggled to generate any offensive momentum. Brady then injected his magic potion TB12 and the box was a new crime after the break. Brady passed 188 yards and 3 steps in the third quarter alone as the Falcons’ coverage collapsed.

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• ESPN’s Adam Shifter says Carson Wentz is unhappy with his seats and will want to exit Philadelphia if Galen Horts remains the initiator. Well, Mister Wentz might see you later after Hurts puts on an absolute bid in a 33-26 witch loss to the Cardinals. A total of 401 yards from Hurts and four touchdowns against former Oklahoma teammate midfielder Kyler Murray came up with his share of signature ball plays, such as This And the This. The rookie showed balance and flexibility at all times. Doug Pederson did the thing that coaches often do in these situations and said he’d be calling his name on the start of Week 16 later in the week, but it’s clearly painful from now on. Assuming the Eagles can’t offload Wentz’s hefty $ 126 million holiday season salary, find the duo to compete for the starting role at boot camp next year.

• The most popular game this week made a huge hype. The Chiefs Saints topped 32-29 in a possible Super Bowl match. Drew Press is back and it took quite some time to get on the right track; Absent Michael Thomas did not help matters. The mighty boss’s offensive has faltered a little against flying Saints and a very smart defense. But nobody puts Patrick Mahomes in a corner (except perhaps Raiders) and the Chiefs’ attack with their swarm of stars was able to do enough to get it out. With matches remaining against the Falcons & Chargers and Fillers Steelers, the Kansas City road to the AFC Asian Football League is crystal clear.

• It appears that Dez Bryant didn’t Leave football This year after being removed from the pre-match warm-up after a positive Covid test two weeks ago. Bryant got his first touchdown pass in three years as part of the Jacksonville 40-14 Baltimore Extermination. After the match, Bryant said, “I had to show my tears. This love is real, and I’m not kidding when I say that. These guys are here – they are a hundred, they are amazing. Great people. Winning, losing or drawing, there’s love in my heart Baltimore forever.” .