The frontrunner in the fight for the gold medal was, above all, Jacob Ingbergsten. The Olympic champion from Tokyo has been in the lead for a long time, but Whiteman overtook him before the final turn. The Briton kept pace and didn’t catch up with a time of 3.29.23.

This is by far the biggest success of Wightman’s career. He took a bronze medal at the 2018 European Championships so far, and at the previous Olympic Games in Tokyo he placed 10th.

For Great Britain, it is the first gold medal to be won halfway through the tournament in Eugene. And when it comes to 1500 metres, The UK has been waiting for its first podium since 1983When Steve Cram did the trick.

This story is even more amazing Jake Whiteman had a life pathAt the same time, his father, the stadium announcer, felt a tightness in his throat.

That’s exactly Jeff Whiteman, at Eugene’s facility, reports his son’s employment as a broadcaster. No wonder that at one point the cameras showed the figure of an old man on the huge screen of Hayward Field.

“I have to say why you pointed the camera at me,” said the father of the gold medalist. Then he added, “This is my son.” I coach him. He is the world champion.

“Somehow, Whiteman Father held back his tears in an instant that was definitely Unprecedented in the history of broadcasting and the history of elite sports. But his son, who just ran the race of his life to win the gold medal, suffered a similar trauma on the treadmill, describes.

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Jake, 28, later asked about his dad, smiled and said, “He can be a little robot behind the mic sometimes.” Some say a robot, others a professional. I hope he breaks it today. It will be fun to watch. My mom was crying, and someone else was crying too! – Cheer up the newly created 1500m world champion.

This story was written with the participation of Michai Rosemes. The pole was shooting high, but he took 10th place.