According to Hajjaj Chechnya They are used as barrier forces against mobilized people, taken from occupied territories and destined for combat Ukraine.

Commenting on the collection of military equipment, he said that Russian forces may try to penetrate the area Popasna and Rubiżne. Most of the equipment is unloaded in Debaltseve – a town in the Donetsk region controlled by pro-Russian separatists. From there it is transferred to the Luhansk region.

Firing on the staff of the Chechen army

We have more bombing now. I think when they get enough hardware they will try to run a big one attacks In the region of Popasna and Rubużny. Right now, they were throwing all their newly mobilized forces to attack, only to break through. However, nothing comes of that, so now they are shooting everything – He said pilgrimsQuoted from the Ukrainian Truth Portal.

He added that the Ukrainian forces on Wednesday fired on Work crew The Chechen army confirmed that “no one came out of there alive.”