Grissa Bakaraqi is the only representative of Kosovo, a European country of nearly 2 million people, at the World Indoor Athletics Championships in Belgrade. The 26-year-old specializes in middle-distance running. But the flag of her country – Kosovo – did not appear on the big screens at the Stark Arena when she competed in the women’s 1500m s. The Serbs have eliminated it because they do not recognize Kosovo as a sovereign state.

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Three other “diesel” engines are faster than the Justina Witty Iristic. And Kiebasiska just watches. “Administration”

The flag of Kosovo was also not included on the official World Athletics website in the tournament results. The Kosovo Olympic Committee tweeted condemning the lack of the country’s flag at the European Championships in Belgrade.

Meanwhile, the “World Athletics Federations” confirmed a few days ago in a statement that there will be no such problems in competition in Serbia. The Belgrade Organizing Committee and the Kosovo Athletics Federation worked together to ensure that Kosovar athletes could compete without a drink. All parties agreed that Kosovo would be represented by the three-letter country code (KOS), he says “Inside the Games.”

This is not the first such problem in Kosovo. In October last year, a delegation from the Kosovo Boxing Federation was denied entry at least three times from Serbia to participate in the World Boxing Championships.

Kosovo declared its independence on February 17, 2008. Now it is seen by some countries as part of Serbia and others as a separate country. Currently, it is a point of conflict between the Serbian and Albanian peoples living on its territory.

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Kosovo’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs claims it is recognized by 117 countries, including the United States, France, Great Britain, Japan and Australia. However, Serbs view it as an independent part of the country. Likewise, be careful Russia And the China.

Kosovo does not support, inter alia, Spain. The country’s government initially refused to give Kosovo permission to compete under its flag at the 2018 World Cup in Qatar. He only resigned under pressure from the international sports community.

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In November last year, Deutsche Welle described the problems of athletes from Kosovo who were unable to participate in international tournaments because of their origin. – Our goal is not to find a middle ground between countries. We just want to compete like we do all over the world,” said Bassim Aliti, Secretary General of the Kosovo Olympic Committee.