After the recent success of the movie “Godzilla vs. Kong”, the creators want to continue the series – Warner Bros. He’s already said to be working on a new movie about the great ape directed by Adam Wingard.

Will there be a new movie about King Kong? He should be called Son of Kong

When the movie ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ She entered post-production in 2019, and has appeared in movie theaters Godzilla: The King of Monsters. This, unfortunately, turned out to be an average investment – it just wasn’t realized Less than $ 400 million at the box office (The lowest of all the big monster movies) but got too Poor ratings from critics (Although it is corrected here by viewers who rated the movie well.)

For a lot of people, this meant that ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ It will likely be the end of the series – even if many manufacturers think the production was the best in the series. Then the movie made it to theaters and HBO Max.

Production earned More than $ 400 million during a pandemic, It became the highest-grossing movie in nearly a year and a half – for that has not appeared yet In cinemas in Great Britain, Japan and Brazil, which are the largest film markets in the world after the United States, China and India, and in the United States on the same day He also made his debut on HBO Max, A record number of people saw it. In short – the movie was a huge success. Maybe hit a monster.

Godzilla II: King of the Monsters - static movie

As it happens with hits, the flashlight shines instantly in the minds of the creators and producers – according to The Hollywood Reporter, Legendary Studios is already working on the following films in the series. To one of them they want to return Adam Wingard Director of “Godzilla vs. Kong”. So far, the name of the likely screenwriter hasn’t appeared for the movie, but if you think Gateway, there’s already a title – “Son of Kong.”

Adam Weingard was heavily involved in creating the world illustrated in his film (mainly in making a logical hollow hollow), which is why the creators You want to take advantage of this to continue the adventures of the great monsters. For now, information about the new project has not been officially confirmed, and it may also undergo major changes. We are shooting, however, this Soon we will hear about the official plans of the developers.

King Kong vs Godzilla - a frame from the movie