The issue of allowing fans into the individual stadiums where the European Championships are being held is an issue that has been at the forefront since the start of the tournament. Some countries (eg Hungary) approached it with a greater distance, so the Puskas Arena can be full of spectators during one-on-one clashes. The British are more restrictive. Their decisions show that only local fans will be able to enter Wembley to watch the matches of Italy, Spain, England and Denmark, and later the Euro 2020 final.

Strict restrictions on the British Isles

The local government has not relaxed the very strict regulations, thanks to which no foreign fan will be able to appear at the stadium in the coming days. Anyone arriving in the British Isles must complete a detailed residency form, submit a negative COVID-19 test result on entry, then undergo a ten-day quarantine, as well as submit two further negative PCR test results on the second and eighth days of isolation.

For obvious reasons, this is impossible. The semi-finals will take place on July 6-7, so anyone wanting to watch it live at Wembley will need to get to England by June 26. The problem was that the 1/8 final stage was just beginning, and no fan could be sure that his team would later make it to the tournament until the semi-finals. “You must be a permanent resident of the British Isles, Ireland or islands such as Man, Guernsey and Jersey to qualify for the semi-final or final of the European Championship,” the UEFA announcement also read.

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UEFA and the British government made a controversial exception

Additional controversy has also been raised due to the fact that despite these strict restrictions, matches at Wembley will be able to watch matches at Wembley by politicians, UEFA and FIFA staff as well as other special guests. For them, the British government made an exception after the European Union threatened to move the Euro 2020 final to Budapest.

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