It started when a Twitter user shared a post describing it A controversial fashion for dog dyeing that began in China and has already reached Poland. Even worse, the design and coloring of dogs, for example, in tiger spots or tiger stripes, that is, creative grooming, is gaining more and more popularity in our country.

“I will write accurately – I will pour. She poured and watched if it even swollen. I will not take dogs, because they have become connected on a biochemical level and it is the end of the world for them, but I will beat the owners so that they understand that it is not a purse or a vase ”- wrote an angry netizen with the new fashion.

A well-known journalist, Rafa Zemkiewicz, wrote on Ms. Marta’s intervention. The columnist surprised everyone with his lack of empathy for animals. He even stated that starving the dog “made sense” that he would become angrier at strangers later.

I’m there from the village and I think the animal has something to do: milk it, put it in a pot, so the mice can catch the mice or guard the yard. I understand that starving a dog to get angry at strangers makes sense. A right-wing columnist wrote on Twitter, but for such bullying without any practical reason, I would have defeated them as well.

I’m not saying that you can praise, but you can understand. Read with understanding. For these kinds of threats… you’ve never had to earn money to study at Oxford, let alone lower expenses, the columnist replied.

Internet users did not spare words of criticism of the journalist. Comments include:

Beast, I’ve never loved you. You flaunt your “peasant” and now you’ve defined her mindset. There is nothing foreign to me like your culture code. string.

“You have exceeded your low human standards. I can see that apart from being a stagnant poor person, you also understand the torture of sentient beings. You are a poor man. Also a writer.”

Was your account hacked? To starve makes someone suffer. Micah belongs to the dog. Especially when he’s watching the yard, which means he’s doing the job. Otherwise, he is a slave.

Starving an animal dependent on its owner is bullying and is completely meaningless. Even if he is “better angry with strangers”.

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