“In the village of Belka near Trosynik, we found remnants of chemical weapons – sarin and other reagents. We found ampoules. Currently, the Security Service of Ukraine is dealing with them. It is possible that the occupiers used this chemical in order to attack Kyiv, Poltava or other cities, “- he said. Trościańca Mayor Yuri Boas, citing Ukrinform.

The defenders of the coastal city of Mariupol previously reported the use of chemical weapons. They claimed that the Russians had dropped an unknown substance from a drone. A few people later developed breathing problems. However, this information has not been conclusively verified.

In Trościaniec, in the north-east of Ukraine, the area is currently being cleared, as well as from mines left by the Russian army. The city is located between Kharkov and Sumy, which were attacked by the Russians in the first stage of their attack on Ukraine.

At the Kharkiv ceremony, as reported by the Ukrainian Security Service, on April 20, an arms depot worth $200 million was found.

The Ukrainians said that these weapons were to be used by the Russians in another stage of the attack on Ukraine. This arsenal includes, among other things, tank engines, spare parts and components for armored vehicles and military missiles. The SBU indicated that this equipment was stolen from the Ukrainian side by people collaborating with the Russians.

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