Science is a new laboratory that will be attached to the International Space Station. Docking will take place at the Russian Zvezda service unit and is currently scheduled July 29. Roscosmos is preparing to launch a dead element from the International Space Station into space

The Russians plan to launch the flag into space in a few days. The launch will take place at the Baikonur Aviation Center in Kazakhstan. Roskosmos will use the Proton-M missile and plan to start the mission in July 21. The next two days are backup dates. You can see the new module in the attached pictures in the gallery.

The flag is expected to remain in space for eight days before joining the International Space Station. Currently, Roscosmos is preparing a module for launch into a special aircraft hangar at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. The element is intended to expand the capabilities of the Russian part of the International Space Station.