We get acquainted with new projects, created on the Unreal Engine 5. One of these projects is the production of Root Survival.

Despite the very early stage of its development, Rooted is already attracting attention. A project in development in Unreal Engine 5 Be inspired by themes from The Last of Us 2 We offer survival challenges.

Production takes place in a small group of enthusiasts, so don’t expect epic momentum at Rooted. The title, in which the action takes place in a destroyed world, similar to that of The Last of Us (nature occupies abandoned cities, etc.) already seems intriguing. At the moment, the developers have explained how we will be able to attach various items of survival equipment to the backpack of the main character. The authors also demonstrated at an accelerated pace the operation of the Lumen – day/night cycle. Address targeting the computer It will provide cooperative gameplay, But we don’t know the details of how to play yet.

As usual in the case of such independent projects, you need to take into account that the business will be idle for many years. However, we are keeping our fingers crossed for the success of this project.