Athletics WC in America Yujuin Sunday ended. another day our representation She was going back to Poland. Departure was scheduled for 16:30 local time from Seattle.

When The Polish team was already at the airportA message has been announced The plane was delayed an hour and a half. You have disrupted the carefully selected itinerary. In such an arrangement, the impossible turned out to be planned Transfer in Paris.

Re-booking a ticket From France to Poland This, in turn, means that the process of returning to the country will be delayed up to 24 hours. In the Polish camp There was panic.

– We do not have boarding passes, no one knows at the moment how we will get to Poland – Interia . said 5th in the 1500m race Sophia Al-NawiWe talked to for an hour Prior to scheduled departure from the United StatesJust after midnight, Polish time. – Only a few of us returned to Poland earlier. We are now standing at Seattle Airport with almost full representation and waiting for new tickets. There is information that we will probably be able to return via Amsterdam.

She was a little more fortunate TVP Sport . TeamWho booked tickets for other tracks.

– I’m already on the plane in San Francisco. The rest of the team flies through Denver – delivered to Interia before the start Marek BlaugoOlympian from Athens and Beijing, one of the TV commentators World Championships in Eugene.

Polish Athletics Association On Monday, he managed to be called to the summative conference beginningBiao Zeronic” at the World Cup. Release date has been set Tuesday (15.45). In light of the problems with the national team’s return to the country, it is likely that these plans will be reviewed.

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