Resident Evil Village Gathered very positive feedback (The desktop version is rated favorably by 86% of Metacritic users), but the PC version suffers from some drawbacks in the form of low liquidity. Capcom has yet to deal with this issue, but crackers seem to have done so, because the pirated version works better than the original.

According to Dark Side Of Gaming, the PC version of Resident Evil Village that was released without hacking protection has improved performance. We know from the information available that Capcom uses its own DRM tool. The EMPRESS group message reads: “Any jams are fixed, for example, after eliminating zombies, because Capcom DRM entry points have been corrected. This results in smoother gameplay.” So it turned out that security had a negative impact on the performance of the address, which is confirmed by the tests conducted by DSOG. The drops were especially noticeable in the Dmitresko fortress during duels with opponents. This is fully evidenced by the material prepared by Santiago Santiago, which is presented below, which compares the original version with Steam and the version with the applied crack.

Tests show that Resident Evil Village performs better on the pirated version without DRM protection.

Owners of the original Resident Evil Village edition have no choice but to wait for an effective update that eliminates all bugs. Although, who knows, maybe removing the anti-hacking protection will only help improve performance? When it comes to problems of liquidity, the first thing that comes to mind is Denuvo, where it gains shame not only by negatively affecting the efficiency of protected products, but also by efficiency. There have been cases where games with DRM have crashed even a few days after their debut, although we know that there are no fully effective tools, this result does not satisfy game publishers.

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Capcom revealed that Resident Evil Village has sold 4.5 million copies two months after its premiere, outperforming the 500,000 copies of Resident Evil 2 Remake, which hit stores in early 2019. The eighth episode is currently one of the best-selling representatives of the Caprom series, e.g. Resident Evil 7 has reached 3.5 million recipients. Statistics include both packaged and digital versions. Interest in RE8 should be greater after the announced add-on is published, although we don’t know its details. It will likely expand the story with a new one.

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