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Since December 14th, there has never been a day when we did not discover more attacks by cybercriminals on more US government agencies. On The first fire broke out Treasury and National Communications and Information Administration. Then the security of FireEye, a leading cybersecurity company, and Microsoft itself was hacked.

The latter is important because hackers broke the security authentication of Microsoft Office government accounts and were able to monitor their emails for several months.

Today, Reuters reported that the same hacker group has also spied on lesser-known organizations, including groups in the United Kingdom, a US Internet service provider, and the county government in Arizona.

Malware is found on a limited number of computers at some Cisco Labs. It is not known if anything was stolen from them. However, the case is known to involve around 50 people.

In the United Kingdom, few NGOs have reported burglary. Details have not been given yet.

Reuters reported that the break-in list is growing. Among the burglary victims, he mentioned Cox Communications Inc., a US cable and cell phone operator, as well as the local Arizona government of Pima County.

“The breach was so widespread that our cybersecurity experts don’t yet know its true scale,” says Stephen Lynch, a member of the House of Representatives on the Security Committee. In his opinion, it will take some time to fully verify all agencies and targets.

The media (including the Washington Post) has already talked about the Russian infiltrators behind the attacks in the Russian intelligence services. However, this situation was confirmed by US Secretary of State Phil Pompeo, who formally admitted this at a recent press conference.

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