May 28, 2022 at 12:02 pm

The Cycle: Frontier launches next week. So far, the alpha and beta versions of this shooter have attracted nearly a million players, and the title also reigns supreme on Steam’s wishlist in the free-to-play category.

Course: Boundaries – One of the most anticipated free products powered by Steam users (We see VG247) – will appear for the first time at the beginning of next month. June 8 will take off Pre-season version, we will wait for season 1 until June 22. Battle Pass will also appear in the game. The title will move to the store offering listed above, owned by Valve Corporation, and the Epic Games Store platform.

Free online FPS game from Yager Development Studio, game developers Special Operations: The Linemanaged to do without an advertising campaign, but managed to attract crowds of fans. In closed alpha and beta tests Course: Boundaries Attended by nearly a million users Interested in the PvPvE model, in which players fight not only with each other, but also in an aggressive environment.

Let us remind you that the action of this futuristic shooter takes place on the resource-rich planet Fortuna III, on which 20 players land. Their goal, among other things, is to carry out tasks commissioned by one of the three factions (the American Islamic Administration, Korolev, Osiris). During this time, they will compete with each other or form alliances, encounter local animals, develop their personality, create items and collect minerals. However, they would only keep the acquired resources if they could leave the planet alive.

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It is worth noting that the Yager Development studio has been refining its work for a long time, which first appeared in early access In 2019 under the title session. The title garnered good reviews, but it wasn’t a hit, including. By limiting it to just one distribution platform, the Epic Games Store. The developers had to withdraw the game from it, but they did not abandon the project, but decided instead to review their vision. As a result, the production has been completely rebuilt – and translated border – Thanks to him, the creators were able to attract new users.

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