I haven’t been part of my PlayStation 5 for over two months. And this is due to the fact that I am simply pleased with the equipment. I actually wrote a while ago I spend a lot of hours with it. Since the console appeared on November 19 in Poland, I can call myself its lucky owner – which, as we all know, is today an exception nationally. This is undoubtedly a major flaw.

And it is by no means the only one. After such a long period of working with this device, I was able to notice more flaws which could definitely be improved upon. Sony has something to work on. And don’t get me wrong – the controller is really cool, and there’s no doubt it’s on the cutting edge of everyone who’s using it right now. At least in terms of convenience of use and the controller itself. However, I cannot be uncritical.

It looks cool, I can say it could be improved – Even in production batches and post updates. Today I’ll introduce five aspects that bother me the most when I spend long hours with the PlayStation 5. I wonder if you make a similar impression. Make sure to tell you in the comments section which items of the device itself are the biggest scratches on a Sony product for you. Meanwhile, let’s get to the point.


In the beginning, something that can be seen at first glance. The PlayStation 5 is really big. It looks big when compared to previous generations of Sony equipment and huge even when compared to Microsoft’s new generation. It’s just an electronic bastard who has gone beyond console perception. While for some time we have been heading towards a steady hardware downgrade, now you can get the impression that we are slipping in this regard.

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The PS5 measures 390mm x 104mm x 260mm and weighs up to 4.5kg (In the case of the digital version, all parameters are the same – the control unit is 12 mm narrower and more than half a kilogram lighter). And if the numbers alone aren’t that impressive, and you haven’t seen them directly yet, see our console overview below. Even though I am in the small group who liked the design, the size itself might actually be a little smaller.

Hi, cd, are you there?

I remember promises about what should be silent for next-generation consoles. And it really is. Xbox Series X is a completely different dimension in terms of business culture, however PlayStation 5 also works well (Especially compared to its predecessor on my shelf, i.e. the PlayStation 4 First Edition). I can’t say a bad word about equipment operation, but it isn’t always top secret …

For example, it gets really loud when a Sony console decides to make sure I insert a disc … and at random times – I can play a game from a medium, run a completely different game, or simply sit down to the main menu. The equipment will decide to dig a little into the drive anywayBecause you know, you can never be too careful. My guess is that digital edition owners don’t have to deal with this, but I hope the next batch of equipment gets rid of this little disease.

PS5 drive

The list is not intuitive

I liked the design of the main menu of the game. Everything looks really next-generation, and the dark and muted colors add a “premium” atmosphere to the games. The speed of work itself can also have a positive effect. I get the impression that it’s getting much nicer in terms of playing games – wait a minute, and from the motherboard we switch to the virtual world.

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Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of room for improvement! We are in the 21st century and it takes a long time to find some options! Take screenshots for example. Today, photo mode is present in nearly every major game, And we have to look for our pictures through collective memory … likewise in terms of achievements, which seem to be buried deep in the deluge of other tiles on the list. I hope the upcoming updates will bring some improvement in this regard.

PS5 list

Few big games to start with

I know, I know – after all, I wrote a week ago that I’m fapping more than ever. That’s right, but only because of the amount of in arrears you paid a few years ago. Although it In my opinion, Sony’s splash display was really coolBecause it contained high quality titles, a couple of months went by and we weren’t getting anything big and loud. There are many indications that we will have to wait.

So I understood the bitterness of a large part of society that was waiting for more. Sure, there’s no point in anticipating the impossible, however Perhaps no one thought that the first two months would be empty. Anyway, the point of view of people who have a slight overdue from Sony Identify Matthew perfectly in his text. I encourage you to read it, because his opinion may undoubtedly coincide with much of yours.

PS5 games


And finally, the most obvious thing – the fact that today we cannot discuss this console in a large group as we would like. I know the situation in the world has surprised us all. And contrary to the “science-skeptic” nonsense (because that’s what you should call people who prefer believing in Facebook groups over professionals), even the largest companies were not prepared for it. Sony was also beaten.

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However, the situation is sometimes comical, although he laughs with tears. I don’t envy people who have been waiting for a new PlayStation for months (or even years) and can’t do anything about it. Sometimes there seem to be opportunities to make a purchase, but either it goes down after a few minutes (often by bots), or the prices bounce off. I really sympathize with anyone who has found themselves in this situation and Hope you get better soon.

PS5 availability