Official PlayStation 5 Dual Sense ps5 controller

  • Initial reports on PlayStation 5 seem to confirm that the DualSense controller supports Android.
  • This means that you will be able to connect the controller to your phone via bluetooth for gaming.
  • This is in line with previous rumors that DualSense is a lot like DualShock 4.

Twitter today is inundated with reports from reviewers who have received their PlayStation 5 review units. One of those reviewers, Austin Evans, posted it Video on YouTube He talks about what he’s allowed to talk about so far.

In an unboxing video of the DualSense controller that will come with the PS5 controllers, Evans confirms something we have been suspicious: DualSense will support Android out of the box.

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In the video, Evans uses the console to play the game through it Microsoft’s xCloud service (Oh irony). You can watch the video inverted below.

DualSense Android support is real!

If all you care about is Android support, jump in to 6:50.

Although this is exciting news for Android gamers, it is not entirely unexpected. Not long ago, we heard that the internals of the DualSense controller align strongly with those of the DualShock 4, the PlayStation 4 controller. As such, it makes perfect sense that DualSense also supports Android.

Nevertheless, it’s exciting to know that the PlayStation 5’s shiny new console can double as a shiny new device Android controller whenever you want!

Sony’s PlayStation 5 will hit store shelves on November 12th. However, we wish you luck having one as pre-orders sell out within minutes. The controller is DualSense, though It should be relatively easy to get.

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