Launched in 1985 The ship has undergone renovationAnd then it was supposed to be ready for service in 2023.

new defects

A source citing the Russian agency claims that while working I found flawsWhich means the ship will stay at the dock for longer than originally planned.

Initially, the ship was scheduled to return to service this year, but in 2021, that date was pushed back to 2023.

Fire on the plane

In December 2019 as a result Fire on board an aircraft carrier At least one soldier was killed and 12 people were wounded.

a year ago “Admiral Kuznetsov” It was damaged during restoration work when the floating pier supporting it sank and a crane fell on its surface.

“ship of shame”

The aircraft carrier gained notoriety in the UK in 2017 when then-defense secretary Michael Fallon dubbed it the “Ship of Shame” as it passed through waters off the coast of England, emitting black smoke.

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