British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said on Tuesday that providing Ukraine with defensive weapons was no longer enough to be able to fend off a Russian invasion.

“For too long, there has been a faulty distinction between defensive and offensive weapons. For some, this has become an excuse for procrastination. That time is over. NATO allies have made it clear that we are providing heavy weapons. This is what Ukraine needs to stop Russian weapons,” Truss said. On its territory, he submitted a report to the House of Commons on the situation in Ukraine and British aid to this country.

“We have to double our answer. So far, Putin (Vladimir)’s planning has been full of wrong assumptions and wrong calculations. He was wrong about the strength and determination of Ukraine. We need to prove to him once again that he is wrong about our resilience and commitment.”

Great Britain initially limited the supply of arms to Ukraine to what is considered defensive, but more recently it has been handing over or declaring the transfer of weapons that are difficult to classify in this way. On Tuesday, Deputy Defense Secretary James Hebey said the government considers that weapons transferred by Western countries to Ukraine should be used to launch lawful attacks on military targets on Russian soil. (PAP)


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