Robert Lewandowski was decorated by President Andrzej Duda with Sam Salib Commander of the Bologna Order of Restituta. The football player for the national team and Bayern Munich was honored for his outstanding sporting achievements and promoting Poland on the international stage.

A ceremony was held on Monday at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw, attended by among others the President of the Polish Football Association Zbigniew Bonek.

“We can safely say: our national hero in the sporting sense, but in some sense not only. It is a very important moment for me to be able to introduce you, a great footballer, not only in Poland, but also in European space, here in the Presidential Palace. The world is definitely one of the best ever – it’s a high country award, “- said Duda.

The president recalled Lewandowski’s words from one of the interviews, in which the footballer assured that he did not remember the titles won by him, because after receiving them, he thinks about the next titles.

“There are three more prizes in our country than the ones you received today that will be won. I am convinced that you will win more, because you are still a young man, a great athlete, in a rising tide. And the titles. You conquer them – they make an amazing impression,” – he noted.

He has included the 32-year-old striker in the past in Lech Poznan and Borussia Dortmund, and since 2014 he has been defending the colors of Bayern Munich. It was as a player for Munich FC that he had his greatest success so far. In August last year he won – as the fifth pole in history – in the Champions League. In December, he won FIFA Footballer of the Year award. He is the first polar to receive this award.

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“One of the elements that is definitely indispensable to achieving great athletic success – such as what one achieves – is talent. A talent that is simply acquired as a natural thing, which is a thing. The second issue is how to develop this talent and who is this man who has this talent – how to live He acts, how does he perceive this talent. In this regard, you are in some sense the essence of perfection. (…) The Lord is a very organized man. Industrious, very hard work. And this work, in addition to this great talent, leads to this great success. ” – Doda Rating.

The President thanked the distinguished footballer for promoting his country on the international stage.

“In all this, you, first of all, yourself all the time, and secondly, you represent Poland in an extraordinary way and always emphasize it, and I, as President of the Republic of Poland, are very grateful for that” – he emphasized.

Lewandowski made his debut in a jersey with an eagle on his chest in 2008. In total, he has played 116 times so far and scored 63 goals, which in both cases is a record for the Polish national team. In 2016, he reached the quarter-finals of the European Championship with the national team.

“I am very happy to receive this award, it is definitely a great pride. But I would also like to say that football is first and foremost a team sport and not an individual sport. So, everything that I achieve, which I work for. Difficult, of course it is also due. To the coaches, the colleagues, the colleagues, the employees working towards all this success, as well as the family. I think all we create is a team that also wants to achieve success together “- Lewandowski said.

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He added that the representation of the state is very important to him.

“No matter if I play for the Polish national team, in a club, in the German league or in the UEFA Champions League – it’s always in the back of my head where it comes from. I’ve never been ashamed of it, I’ve always tried to talk about it in a voice. High …) I want to thank all the people who support me, who help me with all this, and who are with me, “- he said.

I admit that football is a very difficult sport when it comes to the demands of players.

“But I’m not afraid of that. I’ve always liked challenges, I’ve always liked to aim higher. Of course, mistakes and accidents sometimes happen, but we’re also people who draw conclusions from these things, to move forward. (…) At some point, when I’m sitting on the couch. , I will think (about the awards it has won – PAP) and will be able to enjoy it, but now my ambition is so high that I do not want to rest on its laurels, “- emphasized Lewandowski.

He and the rest of the team begin training on Monday, ahead of the national team’s 2022 World Cup qualifiers. On Thursday, they will play against Hungary in Budapest, against Andorra on Sunday in Warsaw, and against England. On March 31 at Wembley, London (PAP).

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