A resident of Glasgow Martin Grivans He didn’t think he’d remember this trip Ryan Erm for the rest of your life. While traveling to Edinburgh, UK, he noticed that something strange was visible in the clouds. The UFO was motionless, disc-shaped. It was seen near the airport. Without thinking, he grabbed his cell phone and began recording the mysterious thing. After returning home, he immediately posted the video on one of the social networks tik tok.

The film immediately became a huge hit on social media and sparked heated debate among netizens. Many of them claim that it is an extraterrestrial flight vehicle. Critics find in the strange appearance only a random arrangement of a line above the clouds.

The author of the film is sure that the recording shows a disc with a metallic surface. At the beginning of the shot, the object is partially in the clouds, but at the end of the video, it is seen in all its glory. The diameter of the foreign object can reach tens of meters.

A man with a job on the site tik tok Marks placed – “Alien Watch“,”Aliens” I “UFO“.

This is another UFO incident over Scotland in recent months. In October last year, the service “daily log‘Post a woman’s account with West Lothianwho noticed a very similar object in Dishmont Woods in Livingston. This place is famous in Scotland for being frequented by foreigners. On that day, the UFO was supposed to appear in the clouds around two in the morning.

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Like UFO observations from the plane occur often. When analyzing such a film, it is difficult to determine whether the foreign body is not, for example, a condensation trajectory following a jet. When the recording becomes credible, it can move to Military Archives.