There are more and more examples on the web of how Stugna systems have successfully eliminated enemy forces. So it was this time. The ATGM Stugna anti-tank operator noticed how the Russian unit was moving in the mountainous terrain. At one time, the Russian aggressors found themselves in a place where they were clearly Ukrainian soldiers.

After accurate shooting, the launcher fired the missile directly at the Russian division. Later in the movie, you can see the corpses of Russian soldiers flying in different directions. The video was captured from the remote control panel, so the footage is devoid of any drastic detail.

According to the Ukrainian side, about 10 soldiers of the aggressor were killed in a precision strike. Three of them managed to survive. In the last part of the footage, you can see one of them getting up from the ground and trying to hide.

Stugna-P anti-tank missile systems are produced by the Kyiv Łucz State Design Bureau. This is one of the best weapons of this type in the Ukrainian army. Officially, the armament entered the equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 2011. The operating range of the system is up to 4 km. Guided missile with a laser beam.