“The reception of the film was very good. Lots of conversations and comments,” the director told PAP after the film was shown in New York. “There should be no trace” Jean B. MatusinskiWho is in the United States with the main role actor Tomas Zeitek.

According to Matuzinski, the difference in reception of the film in Poland and America is minimal. “And this for me confirms the universality of the film” – he emphasized.

Tomic Smolarski, curator of film and performing arts at the Institute of Polish Culture in New York, explained that his foundation has been supporting Oscar campaigns for Polish films for many years.

“We provide support on several levels. We support films by hiring professional PR firms that specialize in such promotions and then working with these companies, or by staging shows in New York and Los Angeles, which is often a requirement for a film to be nominated for an award. Oscar “- explained the curator.

He also added, this year the institute is also conducting a similar campaign for the Polish Oscar nominee, the film Leave No Traces.

“We organize, among other things, screenings for the press and members of the Academy, with the participation of the director and lead actor Tomas Zyczyk. These campaigns are also supported by the Polish Film Institute,” said Smolarki.

Matuszyński takes place in 1983. Despite the suspension, the state of martial law imposed by the communist authorities with the aim of suppressing dissent in the Solidarity Party, is still in force in the country. On May 12, Grzegorz Przemyk, son of opposition poet Barbara Sadowska, was arrested and severely beaten by a police patrol. Przymec dies after two days of pain.

The only witness to the fatal beating is one of Grzegorz’s colleagues, Jurek Popiel, who decided to fight for justice and testify against the police. At first, the state apparatus, including the Ministry of the Interior, downplayed the importance of the issue. However, when more than 20,000 people walked the streets of Warsaw behind Przymek’s coffin, the authorities decided to use all tools against the witness and the deceased’s mother to discredit them and prevent Yurik from testifying in court.

Operation Junior begins, which is personally supervised by the Minister of the Interior, General Czeslav Kiszak, the main purpose of which is to prevent Yurik from revealing the truth and blaming the paramedics who were taking Przymek to the emergency room after they were beaten. An army of secret police begins tracking Gorik and his parents, monitoring their private lives 24 hours a day, while the media and the prosecutor’s office are directed and pressured by the authorities to ensure that the public gets only “the right”. Messages. Barbara Sadowska, on the other hand, does not lose hope in justice, representatives of state authorities and a special group of investigators hold other meetings on how to distort the case of the head of the Przymyk case …

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