On Wednesday, the House of Representatives deals with the bill proposed by the Law and Justice PartyWhich hits the TVN station live. The issue of free media in Poland has been widely commented on throughout the world, including the United States.

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Madeleine Albright: The world is closely watching developments in Poland

Madeleine Albright, Bill Clinton’s secretary of state in the administration, was among the commentators.

“The world is closely watching developments in Poland as people from all over the country gather to support independent media. As a member of NATO and the European Union, Poland is rz ± d “You must respect the democratic values ​​that underpin security and prosperity,” she wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

‘lex TVN’ expert: Politically, Kaczyński puts a rope around his neck

Senators and Republican Democrats Release Statement on Lex TVN

On Wednesday, August 4, Republican and Democratic senators issued a joint statement regarding the so-called Lex the television. “The Polish government’s continued deviation from democratic norms is deeply troubling, the latest example being efforts to limit the independence of the media and undermine one of America’s largest investments in the country as a cross-party group of senators. United States of America We want to make it clear to the Polish government that we are closely following the bill that will be presented to the Polish government who sim Which, after its passage and entry into force, will discriminate against companies from outside the European Union and possibly turn away from a serious American investor from Poland, which employs several thousand people ”- wrote the senators.

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These and other recent steps have been taken by Poland, a NATO ally, close partner and friend from the United States, does not reflect the shared values ​​that underpin our relationship. The decision to introduce such a law could have negative consequences. We appeal to the Polish government for two times He would think before making any decisions that could negatively affect our long-term relationship.”