Polish film “Roving Woman” directed by Michael Shmelevsky will premiere at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in the United States. Here’s everything we know about the production starring Lena Góra and John Hawkes.

“Woman itinerant” Remember the title of this movie because it will be up soon. And not only in Poland. The first full appearance of Michal Shmielewski will be shown in the prestigious show Tribeca Film FestivalWhich will be held from 8 to 19 June this year in New York. The production will compete for Best New Feature Film in the Perspectives category.

The Polish film “Roving Woman” will be shown at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in the USA

Before this year’s edition of the festival kicks off, it is worth knowing more about it “Woman itinerant”. It’s an inspiring story Connie Converse – A singer-songwriter who went missing many years ago and has yet to be found. It is not known what happened to her, and whether she is alive at all (if so, she is 97 years old today). The main character of the movie is Sarawho leaves her partner – in an evening dress – for a ride in a stolen car. He doesn’t know where he’s going. It is on its own. While driving across the United States, he meets amazing people. Moreover, every night she looks at the things left in her stolen car. Although it may seem random, it actually speaks a lot about its owner. Sarah cares about him so much that she finally decides to find him. Will it also help her find herself?

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He is in the role of Sarah Lina JuraThat you may know, among other things from the show “king” Based on the bestselling novel by Szczeban Towardoch. As We’ll See On Screen (Oscar Nominee) John HawksAnd Chris HanleyAnd Brian McGuireAnd Ed MatthewsAnd Crystal Rivers And Bear Badu. Executive Producers Wim Wenders And Orian William. They are responsible for production Marta Lewandowska From Friends With Benefits Studio and Lena Góra mentioned above. Interestingly, the star of the main role also worked on the script for “Roving Woman” in collaboration with Michał Chmielewski.

It is already said that the film “Woman itinerant” He has a great chance of success. Unfortunately, it is not yet known when the production will be available to viewers and viewers in Poland.

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