2021-11-08 07:13

2021-11-08 07:13

The Polish Dilemma of America.  The United States is considering limiting military cooperation
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The United States is quietly considering whether to limit military cooperation in order to save the rule of law on the Vistula – reports Rzeczpospolita on Monday.

The magazine stresses that there is no official topic. It is reported that in mid-October the charge d’affaires of the United States, Bex Aliu, confirmed in the Polska Times that “there will be no troop reduction, on the contrary.” But when the president of the influential American institute, the German Marshall Fund, Heather A. Conley, last week in Congress it + Perhaps we should consider changing the deployment of forces in the region +, None of the three current Democratic senators objected to this,” Rzeczpospolita adds.

Diplomatic sources in Washington indicate to “Rzeczpospolita” that “for several months there has been a closed debate in the American administration about whether the United States should resort to the most effective tool available to it in the face of the continuing erosion of democracy +: linking military cooperation to the sovereignty of Law “.

“An indication that this could happen is the fact that the Americans began talks about licensing TVN in the summer at a meeting of the High Level Defense Group (HLDG), a forum for representatives of the Department of National Defense and the Pentagon. Dedicated exclusively to military matters. However, it has awakened the vigilance of Americans With the Constitutional Court ruling of October 7 limiting the primacy of European law: Next to media freedom, the independence of the judiciary is at the heart of America’s identity,” we read in the magazine.

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Rzeczpospolita’s information shows that “the State Department tends to act more decisively, while the Pentagon opposes it: as a reward for a concession on TVN, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin called the head of the Department of National Defense, Marius Blaschak, to us.” “Any dispute between the two institutions will have to be resolved by the White House, including security adviser Jake Sullivan and Amanda Sloot, who is responsible for communications with Europe,” Rzeczpospolita claims.

He also asserts that if America decides to take decisive action, it will not be – at least initially – to reduce the number of troops stationed in Poland for a period of five years (on a rotating basis). “It is preferable to talk about suspending the implementation of the further expansion of the American presence, the so-called Fort Trump, agreed under the previous administration. Because of commercial interests, the Americans do not think about suspending contracts for the supply of weapons to Poland, including 250 Abrams tanks – writes “Republic”. (PAP)

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