Lukashenka He rigged the presidential elections (in Belarus) last year and the European Union took decisive action. I considered that he was not a reliable person to talk to. exactly the contrary. In the meantime, start a conversation with Chancellor Lukashenka Merkel Before the Belarusian dictator game – explained.

In his opinion, it has long been known that it was Minsk that triggered this conflict, among other things, in order to force the European Union to hold talks with the regime in Minsk.

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– The Russians convinced this, too. It was clear that the migration crisis was a pretext for the start of talks and the de facto recognition of Lukashenka as the leader of Belarus. In this sense, I value Merkel’s conversation with Lukashenka very negatively, because the German chancellor has once again acted outside the formal structures of the European Union, he said.

He also emphasized that, in recent days and weeks, European Council President Charles Michel, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and EU diplomat Josep Borrell have been involved in resolving the conflict.

Waszczykowski also evaluated the talk negatively due to the fact that he was not consulted with the countries attacked by Belarus, that is, Poland and the Baltic states. – Apparently, we were informed of the conversations with Minsk. However, I do not suppose that Poland accepted such actions towards Lukashenka – he indicated.

– This is a blow to the security of the European Union and the whole concept of fighting Lukashenka. Where is European solidarity here? Chancellor Merkel is guided only by the selfish interests of Germany. When we began to say in recent days that perhaps a serious penalty against Lukashenka would be to stop the economic transit that comes from Europe through Belarus to Russia, Merkel entered this stage and showed unequivocally that wherever German-Russian interests are at stake, there is There is a German veto.

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– That’s why we can’t afford more EU federalism. He concluded that this would be an exclusively German-led institution that would pursue only its own interests.

Government spokesman Peter Mueller criticized the talks between Merkel, Lukashenko and Macron Putin.

Mueller, who was a guest on TVP Info on Wednesday, was asked if Poland had received any prior information about these conversations.

A government spokesperson confirmed that this information had previously been provided, in particular in connection with the conversation with Lukashenka. – Personally – to be honest – I am amazed at these conversations, because, in a sense, the acceptance of his choice – he confessed. “I understand the situation, but I don’t think it’s a good move,” he added.

– Of course, these countries can take action on the talks, but they are not decisive in this area – Mueller emphasized. – This is the Polish-Belarusian border, of course it is also the border of the European Union, but we are the guards of the security of the European Union, despite all the clear indications of the dictator Lukashenka and the President of the Russian Federation, who will strongly condemn these actions, they are certainly useful – he pointed out.

Merkel and Lukashenka spoke by phone, Monday, about the difficult situation on the borders of Belarus and the European Union.In particular, the need to provide humanitarian assistance to refugees and migrants. On Monday, the government’s press office in Berlin said they had agreed to continue cooperating on these issues.

During the conversation, “a number of problems were discussed, first of all the situation of refugees at the Belarusian-Lithuanian, Belarusian-Lithuanian and Belarusian-Latvian borders”, “the ways and prospects for solving the migration problem were discussed in detail. In order to prevent an escalation of the situation at the border “- said the German side.

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Lukashenka and Merkel agreed to make further contacts to resolve the situation.