The competition did not start as intended by White and Red. Jacob Mikoviak’s bike came out under second gear. The mechanics gave the pole a second machine before the end of the two-minute run time. After the judge released the tape, Mikoviak’s bike appeared to be defective, but after a while the rider continued his journey, but did not have a chance to fight for points. After two series of matches, the Polish team was third behind the Danes and the Australians.

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From the second series onwards, everything was back to normal and coach Rafay Dubroque successively made up losses in a row, beating all other competitors one by one. The British also fought for the medals, and the Latvians were doing better from start to finish.

The fights on the Bydgoszcz track, this time, were medicine, and most of the race order was decided by the start. Motorcyclists driving fast motorbikes decided to ride under the hills. That’s what Wiktor Lampart did on practically every start, rounding up his rivals after weaker exits from the bar. Before the last two sets of matches, coach Dubroki’s players already have 25 points and are three points ahead of Denmark. In third place at this stage were as many as 3 teams with 17 points – Australia, Great Britain and Latvia.

The serious fall occurred in the sixteenth gear. All four got off the first curve close to each other, and Tim Sorensen moved to the front of the next curve, grabbing the rear wheel of Sweden’s Alexander Wenten. The result was a very strong injury to the first element of the inflatable rink that started the arc. The Dane in the ambulance left the track and a few moments later was taken to the hospital for a detailed examination.

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The Polish team advanced directly to the final in the penultimate final. However, at the end of the main stage, they defeated the Swedes without any problems. The Danish and British teams fought for the right to participate in the final. The Danes turned out to be better, and therefore they kept the chance of the final victory.

The Poles chose the first and third tracks for a decisive start. The start was not like its predecessors, the players moved into their positions after leaving the first turn, but in the end it was the white and red team that took the 6:3 lead and brought them to the finish line. Thus, the representatives of Poland for the eighth time in a row and for the fourteenth time in history won the title of the Junior World Champion team.

Final classification of the DMWM in Bydgoszcz:

1. Poland – 39 points (Wiktor Lampart 23, Jakob Mikowiak 16, Mateusz Cerniak – NS)

2. Dania – 32 (Mads Hansen – 14, Marcus Perkimus – 10, Tim Sorensen – 8)

3- UK – 27 (Tom Brennan – 20, Drew Kemp – 5, Leon Flint 2)

4- Australia – 26 (Keynan Rew – 17, Matthew Gilmore – 9, Brayden McGuinness – NS)

5. Czech Republic – 23 (Peter Schlubek – 12, Jan Masek – 6, Daniel Klima – 5)

6. Latvia – 22 points (Francis Justus – 15, Dalys Kolodinskis – 7, Rikards Anasvisolis – NS)

7. Soekia – 20 (Philip Hellström Bangs – 14, Alexander Wenten – 6, Jonathan Grahn – 0)

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