The DualSense controller from the PlayStation 5 controller already works with Apple devices. Unfortunately, not all board functions are supported.

The new PlayStation 5 DualSense controller now works with Apple mobile devices. If you want to use it to play PlayStation games on your smartphone or tablet, there are some requirements that must be met. In the first class You need to update the PS Remote Play app, because in the latest version it appeared with support for DualSense controller. Second, It is necessary to have at least iOS version 14.5 on both iPhone and iPad.

DualSense on iPhone and iPad

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that Apple hardware can take advantage of all the capabilities of the new PlayStation 5 console. Several Reddit users have confirmed this. Adaptive stimuli at work, among others, right Now The haptic vibrations work randomly. Most games seem to support only basic vibrations, not more advanced vibrations, as in game control. When connected to a smartphone or tablet, the Apple DualSense does not support a built-in 3.5mm microphone, speaker, and mini-connector.

The addition of Sony support for the DualSense controller in PS Remote Play for iOS means that PlayStation 5 owners can already use the new gamepad. It’s a shame the experience is worse compared to the console itself. But as they say – a bird in his hand is better than a pigeon on a roof.

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Text source: Engadget

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