The video was posted on social media by Jeremy Korbel – a filmmaker and documentary filmmaker who deals with the topic on a daily basis. UFO. He described the whole thing on his website

The Pentagon validated the UFO video

On the registry it says rmf24.plFrom 2019, you can see pyramidal flying objects that emit light and acrobatics above the deck of the USS Russell Navy ship, the director said.

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Defense United States of AmericaSoo Goff talking to the gate Had to confirm that Sign Up Original and video recording by Navy personnel. She added that everything indicates that it is not fraud.

A UFO sighted by US soldiers in the Pacific Ocean

The crew had to describe the spotted shapes as compounds never seen before in army. Although these objects do not appear aerodynamic, they move in surprising ways. The spokeswoman said that they were flying the “pyramids.” According to the portal, experts say nothing is known Army The machines will not be able to move this way.

Gove also confirmed that the recordings are currently under investigation by the UFO’s Task Force, which deals with UFO cases. But for the sake of the investigation, she declined to disclose the details of the case.

She said that for security reasons and to avoid disclosing information that our enemies might use, the Ministry of Defense does not publicly discuss the details of the observations or investigations into violations of our airspace, including the violations initially attributed to unidentified objects.

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A mysterious goal was to fall into the water at Gdynia harborA mysterious story about a UFO in Gdynia in 1959

John Ratcliffe says there are many more of these than is officially known

In March, in an interview with Fox News Title UFO Former Director of National Intelligence United States of America John Ratcliffe, who said that many more UFO cases have been reported than have been publicly reported. He added that the report on this subject will be published in June, in relation to the rule of law, which requires the publication of such a statement. Cases from all over the world will be included in the document.

We’re talking about things that have been spotted by the Navy or Air Force, or images from satellites that, frankly, are performing actions that are difficult to explain, movements that are difficult to replicate, and for which we have no technology. Or, they are traveling at speeds beyond the sound barrier, without sound, he said.

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The UFO recordings are original. This was confirmed by the US Army