Another building will be demolished in Olsztyn. This is a junior suite in the center of Olsztyn, opposite CH Aura. What will be built in its place?

The city wants to demolish the pavilion between the detention center and the Gordie Hall building in the Mujahideen. Piłsudski.

– We are not planning any other building in this place. After the demolition, we will take care of the planting over time – confirms Marta Bartoshevic, spokeswoman for the Olsztyn City Council. – This is an 80’s building, which is in a poor state of repair. With as much money and legal possibilities as we have, we try to organize public space, for example precisely by demolishing vacant buildings that are located on city territory and frighten you.

The city is looking for a company to demolish the building. Tender announced. It plans to spend 132,459.28 PLN for this purpose.

– A potential contractor, apart from demolition, will have to recreate part of the facade of Gwardia Hall that this building adjoins – the spokeswoman adds.

The pavilion in the center of Olsztyn has been empty for years. It used to be, among other things, a Chinese restaurant, later there was a boutique. The city council had been planning to demolish the building for a long time, but official actions prevented it. The situation was similar in the case of the kiosk at the corner of Kołobrzeska and Kościuszko Streets. In this case, the owner stops paying for it. When the city wanted to restore the plaza, that person died. The town hall found heirs, but it was not possible to deliver letters to them. The case was taken to court and continued for years.

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– Unfortunately, sometimes the actions are boring and time-consuming, but when the consequences are implemented, you can reach the goal – confirms Marta Bartoshevich. – Our goal in this case is the organization of urban space.

Ada Romanowska