The capital, Paris, due to the spread of dirt, has a big problem with the rats that are trying to deal with it

Chancellor Paul Hattie introduced the subject of the rat plague to the deliberations of the Paris City Council. The answer came from Doshka Markovic, a Parisian councilman from the Animalist party and delegate to the mayor of Paris for animal welfare. Markovic’s response shocked many of them.

The chancellor began with the fact that the word “rat” has negative connotations and that she prefers to call the rat “surmulot” (in French “rat” means “rat”, and “surmulot” means a kind of migratory rat. ).

Markovic believes that attempts to deal with mice have so far been costly and in vain. A new way to deal with these invasive rodents could be to “give them the space they deserve on the streets”. According to the deputy mayor of Paris, mice help control the amount of sewage and waste. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the possibility of rats “coexisting” with humans. It is also necessary to find effective and “ethical” ways to implement it. He suggests conducting research and experiments that should result in the preparation of a scientific report accompanied by “patching holes through which overgrown rats enter buildings” and “installing nets in some places”.

Councilman Hattie Markovic called Markovic’s speech “lunar,” and netizens responded with sarcasm.