OnePlus will finally make a smartwatch in 2021, as has CEO Pete Lau Advertise on Twitter, Marking the smartphone company’s first foray into wearables. There aren’t many details yet about the upcoming device, including which smartwatch operating system it will run, the price, or even the company’s release date – Lau only indicates it will be “released early next year”

The idea of ​​the OnePlus smartwatch is nothing new; The company He reportedly designed A Wear OS smartwatch (then called Android Wear) a few years ago. OnePlus eventually canceled this product, despite “We completed the design but decided to cancel it,” Lau said at meeting with Wall Street Journal. “We have to be focused.”

OnePlus has started expanding outside of phones in recent years, though: plus An advanced smartphone Lineup every yearThe company is manufacturing now A set of headphones, a Budget line for Nord phonesAnd even smart TVs.

The launch of the OnePlus smartwatch in 2021 – the company’s first – also comes on the heels of the Oppo Watch’s release earlier this year, which was similar to the The first smartwatch made by Oppo. Given that there was no shortage of Similarity In the past Between Oppo and OnePlus products (the two companies share an owner, mega-conglomerate BBK Electronics), the upcoming OnePlus watch will likely take some signals from Current Oppo Watch.

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