James Vakes, a 47-year-old US Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, went to fight in Ukraine. “I can’t watch it on TV, I have to help these guys,” he said.

Vazquez daily deals with house renovations, has four children and lives with his wife in Connecticut, USA. Went to Ukraine on March 14. “Being a soldier is part of his DNA,” said his wife, Tina Vasquez. “I told him to go. Just to come back. This is something he has to do and I have to support him in it” – she emphasized.

The 47-year-old reports on Twitter what is happening in Ukraine.

United States law does not prohibit its citizens from recruiting aliens into the forcesAs long as their actions do not target the United States.

“These guys are very poorly trained, but when they lack skills, they make up for their courage. Whenever we have a moment, I teach them tactical maneuvers, using night and thermal imaging devices, proper cleaning of weapons, etc.” – Books about the fighting of the Ukrainians.

“The Russians don’t take their dead. Their dead soldiers are left to feed on homeless dogs,” says the American.

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