PL . office, the Polish version of the cult series, will premiere in October on Channel +. Thus, the platform shows that it has a plan for how to attract new viewers. The Office PL premieres the day before all seasons of the series appear on Netflix. What do we already know about the Polish version of production?

PL Office – Data Raw

All seasons of The Office will appear on Netflix on October 23. Although this version of the series is also available on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix is ​​more popular in Poland. Many people have been waiting for the show to debut on this platform and will soon be able to watch it. Meanwhile, the day before, because October 22It will be his first show The Polish version of the office. We are talking about a series based on the original, but adapted for the “Backyard”. So it will not be carbon paper, but the production will be kept in a certain climate.

The office will also tell the PL the story of the employees of a particular company. This is located in Sidels and is responsible for the production of mineral water. The company has been taken over by a new owner and this is where the actual work of the series, which will appear on Canal + Online, begins. In the Polish version of the cult series, they played, among others, Milena Lisica, Piotr Pollack, Vanessa Alexander, Adam Woornovic, Cornelia Strelica and Mikojaj Machak. Maciej Bochniak, who previously worked on series such as Belfer, Diagnoza or Szad, sat in the director’s chair.

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It is still difficult to judge whether the Polish version of the series will succeed. We’re still waiting for a full production announcement to see at least a little of what we’ll actually tackle. It is known that it should be different from the originals. It’s also worth noting that The Office, which will appear on Netflix, was also built on the basis of the series that aired in the UK.

Source: Canal +