The new Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset began shipping on Facebook today. The Quest 2 is a cheaper remastered version of the original Quest 2019. It has the same standalone tethered design but with a new chipset and a big point in screen resolution and console battery life. It starts at $ 299 for the base 64GB model and $ 399 for the 256GB version, which is a $ 100 decrease from the original Quest model.

Pre-orders made for Quest 2 Open since SeptemberIt is available through Its Oculus website And stores like Best buy And the Walmart, With Complete list of retailers In another Oculus announcement. The original Quest was difficult to purchase for most of the past year, thanks to persistent display issues, but it appears that Quest 2 is still widely available.

Such as We wrote in SeptemberQuest 2 improves on some of Quest’s biggest drawbacks, particularly weight and balance issues, for as long as you are Pay an additional $ 49 For a replacement head strap. Oculus has also expanded its library since the original Quest launched, and has acquired an List of upcoming games I came back later this year. The only potential problem is that you will need a Facebook account – not just a separate Oculus account – to use it.

Quest 2 replaces the original Quest, and starting next year, it will be the only headphone on Facebook, since the tethered Rift S It will be stopped in spring. The product still has some high-end competition, including LED indicator And the next HP Reverb G2. But if you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive VR that doesn’t require a PC, Quest is in a unique position – and it’s now for sale.

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